Al Furqan Hifz School

Al-Furqan School is a 2nd – 12th grade private Hifz school. In addition to the intensive classes of
Quran memorization and revision, students are assisted to follow their grade-school education
through a homeschooling program. The school’s teachers help students study the corecurriculum subjects (Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies). In this way, students
will be able to memorize the whole Quran in the shortest time possible while pursuing their
grade-school education. After the student finishes the memorization of the Quran in Al-Furqan
School, he/she will be able to transfer normally to the next grade level.
Mission Statement:
To provide a variety of courses that help students recite correctly, understand and memorize
the Quran. To incorporate into our programs Islamic Studies classes and spiritual activities that
help nurture a higher ethical and spiritual standard in students and in the community members.

This program also includes Science Projects, outdoor activities and outings with the permission of the parents. Parent Teacher conferences are held 4 times an year and parents are encouraged to attend to ensure the progress of their children.

Al-Furqan Hifz School operates for almost 180 school days from the months of September to
June. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 7:50 AM to 4:00 PM.

Students and parents can stay in touch with their grades on

Al Furqan Hifz School Attachments:

Al-Furqan Hifz School 2014 Handbook

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